Strategy Planning For Boundary Fences And Walls

Before hiring a contractor to set this up, there are few details that you need to go over beforehand. Then main issues fade in tasks like these are the laws, regulations and policies that are attached to them. Get this wrong and may have a serious issues to face in the future. Therefore here are some of those details that you should attention and special consideration to.

The positioning of the fence or wall

This is one major factor to plan out properly. When the land is initially zoned for residential use all the properties are survey and pegged, which means that by law your residence already has a boundary set up. Usually when the house is in the construction phase these pegs get removed. That is not a problem but the issue comes when setting up the fence later and conflict may happen with neighbor regarding the property lines. For example if you are thinking about setting up boundary walls then you need to get in contact with those in charge of property and housing in that area and find out exactly where your property line is so that there will be no issues with the neighbors.

As percussion if you are building a new house then it is highly recommended to set up the property fence first. Even if it just only a wooden fence or a bob wire mesh. That way you can avoid property line issues and conflicts in the future. And you need to keep in mind that this does not only apply to the fence itself but the rule applies to its foundation as well. The foundation may be longer and wider therefore you need to be sure that it is also within your property limits.

Ownership of the fence

This is the second important factor to look into when considering this kind of task. In some case the fence can be made through joint ownership. In such case both neighbors can agree to bare the cost and build up the fence together. If you are considering this option then you need to check the laws regarding this in the area you live in. For example when setting up retaining walls you need to find out the ownership laws and conditions and then agree to a the contract with your neighbor.

Setting up a fence around your house if not as easy as it sounds. Keep in mind that state laws and property laws do come into play here. In case of joint ownership you cannot change the wall form its original condition without getting the permission from your neighbor. It is best to hire a contractor that is well aware of these laws and regulations. When hiring ask about the laws that you need to check up. Keep in mind legal issues can cost you more at the end so get these facts right.

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