Pros And Cons Of Frameless Shower Screens

frameless shower screen

One of the current trends regarding the bathroom is the use of frameless shower screens in Melbourne.  These screens are highly admired for the minimalist designs that are often making them look sleek and impressive for all the setups. It is one of the top preferences for all the bathrooms and so a man of style will love to have it for their respective bathrooms.  While choosing these doors as part of the bathroom vanities it is important to know about all the good and the bad associated with it. This knowledge of the pros and cons will let you decide if you really want a frameless construction as your shower screen or not.

The pros

  1. These screens do not have the usual heavy-looking frames around them. This will not bother your line of sight and so the space will look more spacious and airy. Do not expect a physical increase in the dimensions. It is all because of the design that you feel being in a wider space. Thus these screens will let you have an intricate look with a spacious appearance. These screens can work out pretty well if you want to highlight a certain area in the bathroom.
  2. Like the traditional bathroom vanities in Melbourne, the conventional framed doors come in a specific size. There is the little option of changing or altering the style available for the users. The frameless doors on the other hand give ease and independence that you will definitely enjoy. It is just the perfect way to give the look of your choice to the space. This feature of customization will let you have a versatile space in your home.
  3. One of the problems with the framed doors is that the seals meant for controlling the moisture can end up in the growth of the molds within the seals. This problem is considerably reduced when you have frameless screens. At the same time absence of metallic frames prevents corrosion as well.

The cons

  1. As there is no secure framing therefore the manufacturers ensure to use thick and long-lasting glass for the construction. It is no doubt a benefit but at the same time it is important to keep in mind that the price increases manifold. This feature makes it a pricey choice among the screens.
  2. The frames less shower screens come with no seals or rubbers therefore they are likely to leak after a certain time. This is a problem but still not something that cannot be resolved. You can the doors from reliable companies.
  3. Just like the absence of seals makes them subject to leakages, the absence of frames is a weakness that makes these screens pretty delicate to handle. It is due to the fragility level that most of the people don’t prefer getting them for their bathrooms especially when there are kids around as these screens can easily break or shatter.

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