Largest E-Commerce Sites By Revenue

E-commerce is the buying and selling of goods and services online. The popularity of e-commerce websites have increased considerably over the years. In the beginning very few people trusted these services and were very careful as most websites require the user to enter their credit card information to complete a purchase. There have been some websites that have provided superior services and a high quality standard. Here is a list of the top e-commerce websites.

AmazonAmazon is a world famous and one of the most profitable e-commerce website. Amazon has become the largest internet based retailer by total sales. The company started in 1994 as a simple online book store. Since then they have diversified to sell DVD’s, CD’s, software, video games, apparel, electronics, furniture, food, jewellery and etc. Amazon has a huge catalogue of items for sale. Amazon was a US based company initially and now operates worldwide with separate retail websites for UK, Germany, Italy, Ireland, India, China, Japan, Mexico, Brazil, Canada, France, Spain, Australia, Netherlands and many more planned to launch. Since 2015 Amazon surpassed Wal-Mart and became the most valuable retailer in the US. Further they handle 3PL services well and ship to nearly anywhere in the world. Compared to other e-commerce companies Amazon has also diversified offer their cloud services, Kindle tablets for reading, Fire TV and many more.

Alibaba GroupAlibaba is the second largest e-commerce company that provides consumer to consumer, business to business and business to consumer retail services. Alibaba was initially found by Jack Ma as a business to business portal to connect Chinese manufacturers with many overseas buyers. Alibaba’s market cap is around 210 to 230 million dollars. Like Amazon Alibaba too surpassed Wal-Mart as one of the largest retailers. Usually Business orders are made in bulk and the buyer may not need to contact freight companies Sydney as this can be handled by Alibaba Logistics. Alibaba has more revenue than Amazon and is the most dominant retailer in the world. Compared to the competition Alibaba also caters and prioritises business clients. In recent times there have been issues regarding counterfeit products due to the sheer volume of products listed it may hard to have complete control of what’s genuine and what’s not.

eBayeBay is the third largest e-commerce company in the world. eBay operates in over 30 countries and is a notable success story of the dot-com bubble.  Even though eBay may not be as big as the above 2 they provide certain unique services and have been successful enough to become a large e-commerce company. Pay Pal was a service owned by eBay until 2015. eBay is free for buyers but it charges a fee for sellers.

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