Get Another Persons’ Support To Attend Your Apartment Related Work

Singapore is a developed country and it has a developed legal system. They have looked into each and every aspect of the country that has to be regulated. One area that they have identified is public housing. This is very popular in Singapore and most of the people live in public housing managed and administered by Housing and development Board (HDB). They have established s legal framework and have introduced legal requirements in relation to public housing matters. HDB interfere in all aspects selling, leasing, renting, re-selling of apartments. People who own apartments of HDB have to adhere all stipulated rules and regulations and also they need to follow procedure and processes in place.

When third party support will be needed?If you are unable to personally attend your apartment related matters from buying to selling, you need to have a power of attorney HDB. If you are busy with your work or if you are travelling overseas or if you are sick you need to appoint an attorney. Appointing an attorney is a legal requirement, in an event that you are unable to attend and only he will be authorized to act on your behalf. Accordingly, you will need an outside party to support you in this regard.

Role of your power of attorneyEven though there are restrictions imposed by HDB he can attend most of your house related matters, if you have appointed following the right procedure. Power of attorney HDB will be authorized to sign related documents like agreement for sale, deed of assignment, lease-in-escrow, option to purchase, mortgage-in-escrow. In addition to signing documents, he will be eligible to collect keys, handover keys, obtaining vacant possession on your behalf. So that it will obviously ease your work and you will have a reliable person to take care of your apartment and he will attend your purpose with trust.

How can I get the power of attorney done?HDB has given an application to be filled when you need to appoint an attorney. After getting the application form cleared you need to get your power of attorney done through your private Solicitor. He will follow the right format of power of attorney required by HDB and do the documents. Then you can place the signature and submit the same to HDB. Then it will be accepted by HDB. Also in an instance where you are travelling overseas you need to get this procedure concluded before you travel. And if you are sending a power of attorney from overseas it needs to be attested by a Notary Public and your Solicitor has to register it in Singapore. Then only it will be accepted as a valid power of attorney. However, you need to know that it is essential to register power of attorney at the High Court of Singapore.

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