Common Problems In Inflatable Rafts

When you have an inflatable dinghy or raft, you need to inspect the same regularly to ensure that no leaks have developed. This can endanger the mere operation of the vessel and render it dangerous if one wishes to launch it in water. Fixing leaks in such crafts are usually an easy task, especially when the leaks are small. If the tear becomes large, you might have to replace the craft entirely.

How to find problem areas?Inflatable boats often develop small leaks. These might not be visible easily. In order to check for leaks, it is best that the raft is placed in soapy water. Even if there is a leak of the size of a pin hole, you will find bubbles emerging from the place where leaks occur. This allows one to mark the areas that need repair. While larger rafts need a professional boat service to get proper repairing done, small leaks in inflatable rafts can be addressed by boat owners themselves.

Use of patch kitsWhen all holes are found and marked, leaks can be addressed effectively with patch kits. These help one to seal up such holes. Tiny pin holes need the right kind of patch kit, as per the material of the raft. The kits help to seal up the leaks effectively. You need to ensure that you get the same material as the raft when doing such boat repairs Gold Coast work. You might also be able to get a patch kit that is the same color as the raft material color. This will help the patches to blend in and not stand out which might mar the overall look of the boat.

Other damages to guard forOften inflatable rafts suffer damage to the hull area. This is a common problem, but if it is not addressed in time it can lead to the hull breaking down. This happens as the hull comes under strain for which it starts to lose its form and shape. When the hull damage is extreme, the only way to fix the problem is to replace the boat. In other cases, to prevent hull damage one can turn the boat upside down and keep it placed on the ground in such ways when not in use. Keeping it in the sun also helps to loosen up the material and allow the form to be retained. Seams can start to come apart, which is another problem that might occur to such boats. In such a case one should refer to professional repair service to look into the problem.

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